Neil Armstrong Space Adventure

Or, preferably Kyle's future kid, Neil Armstrong Litjens

Lauraa: Whats your kid called?
Kyle: African Tribal Hunter Litjens
Laura: No, the other one
Kyle: Neil Armstrong Litjens
Josh: Hokai
Nicola: Eh? I don't get it
by lauraa92 August 22, 2008
not a secret anymore
your relationship is NASA
by phoebe37 July 12, 2008
Needs Another Seven Astronauts

(Referring to the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster)
Q:What does NASA stand for?
A:Needs Another Seven Astronauts
by Botros1 December 30, 2008
Never a straight answer.
NASA- it's really self explanatory
by J. Malik April 20, 2006
N.A.S.A. is a word used in a racist way toward black people
N= north
A= african
S= street
A= Ape
look at that NASA yelling at those hoes

Those NASA's are corrupting our streets
by lil shit March 23, 2008
NASA originally stood for the "National Anal Sex Association". Now NASA stands for the "Nutty Assholes in Space Authority", having changed its focus from bedrooms to the sky. They're still fuckin' anal, though!
NASA was really created as an attempt to fool people into thinking America reached Venus (as Europe did first). It failed to live up to the expectations of NACA.
by kodiac1 July 11, 2006
1. something completely cool
2. all things asc. w/ meredith
'mer, what's your necklace?' 'it's nasa'
by meredithmagoo April 30, 2005

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