Acronym. Stands for:

Regular (or Retarded, your preference)

just another unpopular, unathletic nerd. quite possibly gay, or dumb, these people are nuisances to cool, athletic people.
Jon: yo Matt, look at Chung Choi, he runs a ten minute mile.

Matt: word bro, his fat Asian ass hits the books all day.

Jon: He hits on more than Books, he also hits on Jack. What fag, dude

Chung: Hey, i Play Chess, That's a Sport! And My sexual preference is none of you business!

Matt: Just because Chess is a Sport doesn't make you an athlete, or cool. C'mon Jon, lets ditch this N.A.R.P.
by Folenator May 30, 2011
a term used to describe somebody with mulliganitis, a disease that tends to infect non-athletic young men who attempt to play sports and fail miserably, usually resulting in structural damage to a knee, ankle, etc.
Wow, remember when Zack the NARP tore his ACL playing flag football?
by DareWilliams December 29, 2010
(noun) Acronym for "Not A Real Person." Narps are characterized by traits that render them unidentifiable within a contemporary, cultural context.

A NARP has a higher chance of:
- Being a savant in something.
- Popping into random social situations.
- Wearing the same outfit every day.
- Uttering inappropriately timed comments.
ARP: But if that doesn't work, what's your Plan B?

NARP: I had to get Plan B once with this girl cause I had sex with her.
by super deely 2 April 16, 2011
A Narp is someone who is a sexy god in which no one can resist them. Mostly irresistible physically.
Have you seen Ross lately? He's such a Narp!
by YOLOface July 30, 2012
A note (most commonly on stringed instruments) that is neither natural nor sharp; it is always in between.
Grrr... You're always so narp when you play F#... Tune it up!
by Violin... May 03, 2012
Not a real person.

1) Someone who exists in Facebook statuses and photo albums, but not in real life. If you log off, they stop existing, kind of like how monsters go away when you turn on the lights.
2) Someone who many talk about but few have seen. Tends to pop up fleetingly in social gatherings, only to disappear again. Sightings are rare and usually unconfirmed, like the Yeti or Loch Ness Monster.
As far as celebrities go, Bill Murray is the biggest NARP in Hollywood.
by princeofpersiaaaaaa September 20, 2011
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