Non Athletic Real People. People who go to a gym, workout class, or anything athletic and have no business being there, which is reflected in both their effort and physical appearance.

In the event of an alien invasion they would be the first to get captured and turned into fertilizer.
Today in class when everyone was doing partner pushups that NARP girl was on her knees hi-fiving the air then left 10 minutes early.
by T Macalicious March 28, 2013
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Acronym for Non-Athletic Regular Person. Your schools lacrosse team probably shouts it at you while you walk by.
Lookie at these bunch of narps, NARP NARP NARP
by Douchebag McKenzy March 31, 2010
Non Athletic Regular Person in regards to cadets at service academies who are not intercollegiate atheletes. Tend to be nerdy, uncoordinated and socially awkward
Wow that kid is such a NARP
by MALICIOUS C7 March 04, 2010
A Non-Athletic Regular Person. NARPS are commonly seen trying to perform rather easy or basic athletic tasks but failing miserably at them. Such tasks include gym class kickball, dodgeball, flag football, ultimate frisbee, beach volleyball, and swimming. On rare occasions however you will catch a NARP trying to perform mildly advance soccer trick known only as the jester. or a nerd. someone who is not athletic at all.
NARPS could be friends of basketball players who try to play basketball with them and fail miserably.
by kparian April 22, 2010
Chandler Earnheart- The light skinned boy that originates from northern Virginia with minimal athletic ability and very low game spitting skills.
Yo that kids such a narp, lets kick his ass.
by laxitupp June 30, 2010
"Not a real person" ... used to describe somebody so outrageous their existence as a human being is questionable
Did you see that dude who tried out for American Idol? He was awful...what a narp
by dmty9 January 19, 2011
Non-Athletic Random Person

A term the athletes on campus use to describe the rest of the student body
-at a party-
Jock 1: Who the fuck are all these narps???
Jock 2: I know man, like Get out my face!!! Fucking narps get on my nerves.
by Machete Masta G.2 October 02, 2012
1. "Not A Real Person"; An insult to a persons perception of reality.
Blake:(after getting off water ride) "I smell like water"
Shaun:"Dude, you are such a NARP."
by Shaun M. October 07, 2006

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