A place of drunken escapades to which there are no remaining memories the next morning.
- Oh man, what the fuck happened last night...
- We went to 'nam boys
by mrenz18 November 17, 2012
The internet scapegoat for all of life's problems; frequently found to be the cause of molestation, shell shock (non-T.M.N.T. variety), third-degree rope burns, and hearing faint sounds.
Daddy said that he had to touch me because of -nam-.

-nam- told me to set Grandma's face ablaze.
by Aaron 'R' God July 29, 2008
Verb - To engage in sexual activities, either by oneself or with another.
"I'm going to nam her so hard it'll break 6 bed slats."

"Quit namming over than chick!"
by potatoes1391 November 21, 2012
Stands for new age millie(millie) they enjoy new age music like the john butler trio, bublebeez 81,gorillaz and they like to wear brand name clothes like roxy,billabong and ripcurl, They also change their hair colour as fashion dictates.Most are smarter than your normal millie, BEWARE N.A.M's are very manipulative and unpredictable, they will stab you in the back at the blink of an eye and will tell lies and walk over their friends to get what they want so keep a close eye on them.Another classic N.A.M passtime is to sitting on benches calling people "fat moles" and "bitches" even though mostly they are guys that have had the common sense to dump them.
Matt "Hey Pauly did you know that I am dating bec."
Pauly "Man watch out she is a chronic N.A.M she could chew you up and spit you out, keep a close eye on that one."
Matt "Will Do thanks for the warning."
by Paulio August 04, 2005
Getting angry or laired up about an issue and then taking it out violently on something or someone.
"Look at Jermain he's well fucking nam"
"I'm gona get nam on your ass"
by qwerty123456783 October 12, 2011
New Age Movement
deksper: You NAMs are on this site only to support Oprah Winfrey's Satanic deception and lies; through the distortion of The Bible.
TransparentDecoy: But Oprah is good because She wants unity in a FEEeeeling of God Consciousness.

deksper: Yes; and Oprah never mentioned a three- lettered word SIN. There is no accountability for SIN of the individual NAM follower. They can not therefore claim a Christian Faith.
by deksper November 25, 2011
A word used to express the period of time between meeting someone and then not seeing them again for a few years.
Hey, man! How have you been? Damn, I haven't seen you since Nam!
by Wen* January 31, 2009

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