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Acronym for Nasty Ass Bastard; commonly used when describing a person of male gender lacking normal higienic qualities and or difficulty controlling sexual tendencies in public.
"Did you see that NAB, he couldn't even look me in the eye when talking to me cause he was too busy staring at my tits?"

"That guy's pubes are so long you could french braid that shit...what a NAB!"
by H & N December 21, 2006
11 31
n00b,lamer,so loser.
AH AH I killed that Nab again
by dog2004 June 07, 2004
362 199
1) To steal

2) To arrest
Luke's been nabbed with his hand in the till again.
by Daisy May 12, 2005
216 86
An alternate way of saying nub or N00b.
L33t player: Ha I pwned your little ass you nab!
Nab: What you say?
L33t: Haha Nab!
by {_D4wG August 10, 2006
199 113
Abbreviation for "New Africa Bammer". Mid-grade marijuana.
Me: Hey man you got an 1/8 of chronic?
Natg representative: Ya man I gots da dank shit.
Me: Wtf man.. This is the nabs.. Don't put this shwag in my face again or I'll stab you in the face with a soldering iron.

by d13g0 September 19, 2006
150 74
getting arrested by the police
i got nabbed the other night!
by anonymous July 29, 2003
121 66
inexpensive small packet of crackers with cheese or peanut butter filling
"Can we stop here and get some Nabs? I need a snack."
by Betsy September 30, 2004
167 125
to steal somethning
hey, fucker, nab me one of those shirts.
by jay July 10, 2003
82 44