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To sugg means you are giving someone a second hug.
Watch out for that chick, she likes to sugg people! Or: Awww come here and give me a sugg!
by Mustangannie July 06, 2009
NAB stands for: Nosey Ass Bitch
My neighbor is such a frickn NAB! She peeks through the cracks of our fence to see what we are doing. You can't even come home from the store without that NAB spying on us! One of these days I'm gonna freak that NAB out! When we need to give eachother a heads up because she's outside we say, oh NAB so she doesn't know we are on to her.
by Mustangannie July 06, 2009
A fugger is a person who not only hugs you once...but four times while saying goodbye.
That chick just can't get enough, she is such a fugger! Stop it you fugger! Yea I know, my Mom is such a fugger!
by Mustangannie July 06, 2009
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