An obsolete organization formally the frontrunner in racial equality persuits and ideas, now dealing in partisan political funding. In a post civil rights America they seem more interested in reverse racism and black rule rather than equality, backing several black exclusive or nearly exclusive properties including the "Black Entertainment Telivison", and endorsment of prejudges against their own race, including backing the thought that all black people speak in ebonics, waste all their money on jewlry, would rather "hustle" than have a leginamate job, prefer random sexual encounters over meaningful relationships often resulting in illagentamate children and "welfare babies", and would rather "keep it real" ie: use what you learn from your friends and family, than persue higher education, via such venues as certain "rap" lyrics, movies such as "Soul Plane" or the House Party" series. All this instead of backin the formal goal of the organization of helping people of color that have been discriminated against.
And a fond wish for the succes and fall of the naacp
by Zackariah December 07, 2006
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The biggest racist hypocrites around!
To the NAACP, it is ok if there is a black history month as well as "african american clubs" in school, but watch what happens when someone tries to set up a "European-American Club" in a school.......the NAACP will say "No, you can't have that!" actually happened in Northern California a few years ago.

To the liberals who I know will recommend this for deletion, hey it's the truth!!!
by Piranha February 09, 2005
Niggers Always Agitating Caucasian People
Jesse Jackson is the leader of the NAACP.
by ya boy February 09, 2005
Niggers Are Always Causing Problems
Sir, you are under arrest for causing problems.

Your doing it 'cause im black! Im callin the NAACP
by Stephen April 15, 2005
For most niggers (and there is a difference in black people and niggers, to me), racism only goes one way. You see the hard working black families that have established a name for themselves and can spell and speak proper English, not ebonics, that deserve every good thing they have. Then you have the niggers that would rather steal then work and say that racism only goes one way, but when they do it to a white person, it is black supremacy. Whatever. When you get a job and can pronounce biRTHday, not burfday, come talk to me!!!
Me and my niggers is going to rob that guy at the gas station because we are too lazy to get a job!!!
by Cooter April 22, 2005
An blackmail some (but not all) minorities like to use when they don't get their way.
POLICE OFFICER: "Sir, excuse me but you cannot panhandle in the park per city ordinance"

PANHANDLER: "Yes, I can, that's my god given first amendment freedom of speech"

POLICE OFFICER: "You need to move on now sir or receive a citation"

PANHANDLER: "I'm gonna NAACP you, the police department, and the city!"
by Trog March 16, 2005
Now Apes Are Called People

Fights for black rights only, hates white people.
The NAACP was quick to back up Rodney King, and pull the race card, but htey did not realize he was resisting a legal arrest, and the cops had to put him down.
by Chris February 25, 2005
The orginization for blacks who are racists. I agree the KKK are racists and everyone else think so. SO why don't we all stand up and say the NAACP are racists?!

NAACP- Niggers Are Always Complaining Potheads
The NAACP are racists.
by Allison The White Girl January 24, 2005
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