Used to refer to the use of the word nigger or related words. Often times used by white people. Used mostly to exclaim the use of nigger.
John White says," That white dude over there just dropped the N - Bomb, why don't u go jump him."
Jack Black says,"shut up, Ill jump him when i hear it myself."
by yaw nkru May 26, 2006
A grenade device that causes temporarily loss of all aural and visual sensory perception within a blast radius.
"I got pwned because I couldn't see shit from that N - Bomb you threw at me!"
by Arranis May 11, 2006
Way of saying nigger without actually saying "nigger", especially when reffering to someone else saying the N-Word. Used by guy named Matt Rogers to try to get people pissed off at someone, or to make an excuse to be mad at somebody or get in a fight.
"Yo man, he dropped the N-bomb on me! nowumsayin? I had to drop that mahfugga! AArrgghhh! Matt Rogers man! Apoch! What's good daddy!" (undistinguishable mumbling)
by some guy December 08, 2004
The thing that wiped out the Martians in World War II, leading to the defeat of the Australians.

Slang for a particularly Naughty sponge.
I wiped Satan's ass with that N-Bomb.
by Boyd_619 August 06, 2005
like the n-word aka nigger.
but cooler.
"someone just dropped the n bomb!"
by homegirrrrrrrrrrrl. July 13, 2005
a word that means the same as a black man with a gold chain around his neck "nigga" and "nigger"
Johnny just dropped the n-bomb on
by Jay September 14, 2004
A swift hit in the nuts; Nut Bomb
Hey I just gave Alex a n-bomb.
by h33l_t03 January 07, 2006
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