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A slang term which is quite a useful substitute for the word "NIGGER!"
Stan dropped the n bomb in class today. Jamal was like, "nigga what?"
by uro-feces August 15, 2006
a cigarette that is typically smoked by black people in the United States. Usually menthols, newport and COOLs in particular.
Me: yo dude, can i bum a square?
Other guy: yeah dude.
Me: What are we smokin'?
Other Guy: Newport.
Me: Nig Cigs?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Nigga please!
by uro-feces August 15, 2006
someone who performs the act of "nigging" someone else. They nig, therefore they are niggers.
did you nig me? yes? your a nigger.
by uro-feces August 15, 2006
Used in the same way as the word "yearning."
Yo son, pass me the j, I'm mad jonesing for a hit.
by uro-feces August 15, 2006

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