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Warm, funny,witty, charming, intelligent, mischievous, handsome, incredibly artistic and creative, Mylon's also have a flair for the dramatic, along with a dark side you really dont want to bring out. A Mylon will forgive wrongdoing, but may never forget it. Overall, a Mylon is an amazing, incredible, desirable thing to have. Just keep it away from negativity and remember that Mylons like to be loved on a lot. A Mylon usually has a great sense of humor and a great smile!
Girl: Mommy, when I grow up, I want a to marry a Mylon and live in a castle.

Mom: Honey, that's great. Just remember, Mylons need a lot of care and you can't throw water on them or they turn mean! In other words, don't make him sad or angry and you will have a great life.
by ChristyLynn75201 September 29, 2011

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