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An omnipotent being that can and will completely annihilate any and all persons attempting to defeat him. A creature so stunningly handsome that he has been known to make women stop dead in their tracks only to begin violently fucking themselves with various objects while screaming his name. Although it is rare to see him outside, he has been told to have a small pygmy like women attached to him at all times. Regardless of all of his God like features, on most occasions he retreats to his normal state as a majestic lion that smells of flowers. Basically, a Michael Cramer is all around better than you in every way.
Man... My chick ran into Mycal the other day, and she STILL won't stop masturbating...
by Whatcha-ma-call-it June 15, 2010
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That guy looks like Mycal. He must be Cambodian.
by Mycal's Friend May 28, 2010
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