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The prettiest most awesome girl anyone could ever know. Usually short, but fun size.(;
Has a great personality and is a frickin' blast to hang out with. She's funny, and can make anyone laugh at any time she chooses. Mycah is the ideal bestfriend. She usually has gorgeous blue eyes and makes everyone jealous of them. Everybody loves Mycah!

She's supportive, outgoing, crazy, and just all around perfect. She makes you smile when all you want to do is cry. She knows when somethings wrong, & makes it all right.
I love you Mycah!!!
Lexie: Mycah is my bestfriend.<3(:
by Swaaaag.(; November 26, 2011
Usually a name. But when it comes to slang it is described as a nickname describing a slut/whore. Someone who starts off very quiet but eventually (once you get to know them) shows their "inner freak'.
Man, I saw Tinsley on the corner the other day. She is most definitely a Mycah now.
by ChickenFinger12345Chicken November 29, 2010
A founding member of the Setoshin Zaibatsu a group that deals in Pipe Laying, Pimping, Street Racing and Video Games.
Dude #1: Oh shit son is that Mycah?, You seen the hoe he was with the other night?

Dude #2: Fuck that, peep the bitch he with now!
by Rocafella Soldier January 09, 2005
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