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When someone is SO into updating their MySpace { or other social networking accounts } that they constantly lose track of time, can't focus, and live their own life as a lethargic other reality that pales in comparison to their MySpace lifestyle.

Also, the near-waking state of a MySpace addict.
Jenn didn't wake up until 3 ... and even then, right when she got up she hit the laptop for more ... looks like she's all MySpaced Out.
by friendfriendfriend February 09, 2007
The condition in which a person abandons his real life for one on MySpace.
Person 1- Hey, wanna go hang out?
Person 2- *drool* Huh? Naw, I'm talking to my Myspace girlfriend.
Person 1- Dude, you are seriously MySpace'd out...
by Corvo May 04, 2009
When you have something important to do on a computer but you get distracted by MySpace, and run out of time or never get around to doing said chore.
"Did you type your essay last night?"

"I started, but MySpaced out and never got around to finishing it."
by Mr. Fwetna October 13, 2007

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