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when you spend hours upon end looking at others' myspace profiles adding them and commenting.
Why were you late for work today?

I was on my computer for 3 hours myspaceing out, and then i looked at the time at the bottom right and rushed to work.
#myspace #space out #space #lazy #nothing #bored.
by Quink December 11, 2005
When almost sexually gets off but doesn't quite make it.
The female version of blue balls.
I had so much trouble getting my girlfriend off last night. She was so mad about getting purple clit that she refused to go down on me after.
#sex #oral #blue balls #eat out #finger
by Quink August 29, 2007
when one is peeing standing up and aims his urine at the stuck on feces from a previous duece in order to scrub the feces loose.
guy 1: how was the smell in the bathroom after i took a fat dump?

guy 2: it was pretty rancid. i got to to give it a good urine scrub.
#pee #urine #shit #2nd hand toilet #scrub
by Quink October 20, 2008
I don't want to hear it.
*AIM conversation*

Joey1283: yeah man i just got laid last night.
XSnowboarderX: idwthi i havn't gotten any action in months
#gtfo #acronym #idgi #idc #ignore
by Quink August 12, 2007
The three things to indulge on about a month before going to a high school prom.

"Wow Lindsey you look really bronze and in shape."
"Yeah I've been on prom diet for the last few weeks."
#prom #diet #tanning #orange #beer #sexercise
by Quink April 14, 2008
a spot not only found in the vagina on some females.
in a rare case there are girls who contain their g spot(s) on their neck, earlobes, nipples, wrists, and ankles.
"When I was making out with her, I found her g spot by kissing her neck."
#orgasm #pleasure spot #presure point #hyme #g
by Quink February 20, 2006
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