sry for doin sumthin hurtful and wrong
My-bad emily for the dirty defintion
by leo beale December 30, 2004
This phrase actually came from bad spelling and the internet. Lazy spellers who couldn't be bothered with an apostrophe said:

"your bad" instead of "you're bad", the latter being correct (a contraction for YOU ARE BAD), but the former being more common.

The proper response to "your bad" is OH, it's MY BAD? The "bad" being possessive.
I ditched school today. My bad." from the original "oh, you ditched today? Your bad.
by badnursey January 14, 2011
I slang that white people picked up from black people but fucked it up as the original term was "My Bag". White DJ's during the 80's truggled to understand African American slang and urban hip hop culture and scambled to catch up once they saw that shit starting to make money after years of shunning it. So they tried to understand it. But being the litteral minded white devils they are, they misunderstood "My Bag" to be "My Bad" reasoning that since the term was followed by some mistake on the users part they must be saying "My Bad" and due to the fact that the media is controlled by the white devil the term became "My Bad".
White person drops the soap and says "My Bad". I forgot to kick a Crackah's ass and say "My Bag".
by Crackah Hater June 06, 2011
Another way to apologize or say I'm sorry.
"I got charged"
"Oh shit, my bad"
is the same as
"I got charged"
"Oh shit, I'm sorry"
by LILR1 October 14, 2008
Any application of the phrase "my bad" can be replaced with the word "oops"
You just hit me in the face with that!My badYou just hit me in the face with that!Oops!
by Ryan311 February 09, 2008
I understand it to mean "error" or "screw-up" or "bad behavior". An abbreviated informal apology.

While some believe it to be a misinterpretation of the older phrase My Bag it is clearly it's own slang with its own origins and meaning.
While playing pick up basketball a player who just made a mistake would say "My bad"
by AFAN July 13, 2005
My bad originally came from the term my bag.
This was a term used when playing a game of spades (a common jail house or hood game with cards) In the game you would have to fortell how many "books" or hands you would take. If you went over that number it was called a "bag". If you were playing with a partner, which was mostly common, it is considered a courtesy to claim your mistake by saing "My Bag" or get shot.... : ) your choice... anyway this carried out to the street and stupid beverly hills bitches misundertood the ghetto term and said "My Bad" and it stuck in mainstream pop culture.
In a game of spade, you called 5 out of 13 books and you get 6....

You say: Ahh shit dog, sorry, my bag.

Your partner says: Yea that's what I thought, get screwed the fuck on, and don't let it happen again.

Pop culture.... in comes the movie Clueless and the term My Bad is substituted and made popular.
by Jason February 07, 2005

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