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It means that someone is extremely stupid that they don't have a functional brain, instead they have shit (meaning nothing) where their brain is supposed to be.
Person # 1: Where the hell is Ray?
Person # 2: I don't know, I don't think he's coming tonight.
Person # 1: He's such a fucking idiot, he's ruining it for me too, I swear he has shit for brains!"
by LILR1 July 22, 2008
to contribute money to weed, either a spliff or a blunt.
Not to be a bitch or anything but I ain't a bank, Jake isn't hitting the blunt if he doesn't pitch this time.
by LILR1 May 08, 2008
"I haven't eaten all day man, I'm so marved!"
by LILR1 July 10, 2008
when someone is taking too long in doing something or making a decision.. it's kinda like loafting.
Person # 1: "Are you going out with Mike yet?"
Person # 2: "No, he's buppin"

"Yo your buppin on that cigarette"
by LILR1 May 26, 2008
something that is going on for a long period of time
"I've loved him for days"
by LILR1 May 07, 2008
Another way to apologize or say I'm sorry.
"I got charged"
"Oh shit, my bad"
is the same as
"I got charged"
"Oh shit, I'm sorry"
by LILR1 October 14, 2008
being very high from weed
"Yo I'm so lean 'cuz we smoked that fat blunt AND drank nuff juice"
by LILR1 May 02, 2008
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