My favorite thing found in a women; is the biggest
I bet that dudes favorite thing found in a women is personality, my favorite thing found in them is my dick!
by BOSS BITCH12344321 December 22, 2011
Top Definition
A rap song by Mickey Avalon, that brags about the wonders of a large dick, and degrades those unfortunate enough to have a small, otherwise useless pecker.
My dick: cost a late night fee
Your dick: got the HIV

My dick: like an M16
Your dick: broken vending machine

My dick: sick and dangerous
Your dick: quick and painless
by yo-yo baiter June 22, 2008
The reason most of those bitches are on Maury in the first place.
Damn right you are not the father! But go ahead and take care of it, because my dick has places to be.
by Hank McDizzleson May 21, 2010
Your most valued object in your possession. You treat it like your dick, very gently and only let people that you REALLY love touch it.
Dude! Don't mess with that CD! That thing is my dick!
by Gray. July 26, 2010
the beastiest song EVER. Mickey Avalon and DJ Kris P are lyrical geniuses !

my dick
by noskinnypants November 08, 2010
MY DICK! refers to a simple interjection that can show emphasis on a particular subject. This term can be used in any part of a sentence; it is neither a noun nor a verb. MY DICK! is said with no emotion of the body, other than the serious “What now” look on the face. MY DICK! originated in south Asia by Dan Moody as boredom took its toll in the immense heat. It has been used to make people laugh, but also to deplete one’s self confidence. Use this term whenever you want, however you want, and wherever you want. Still to this day, there has never been a come back to the term, MY DICK!
Hey, I found the remote control; looks like it was on MY DICK!

I found the part you need to order. It's called MY DICK!

Hey Soldier, you better stand at MY DICK! when talking to an NCO.
by 92's May 13, 2011
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