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This is a person who is your friend. This also means that this person is a close friend. This phrase can also mean that you know someone but you do not know there name. This also replaces the word "hello".
Person 1: Hello
Person 2: My man what is up
by Robert April 24, 2005
A phrase with the tonal flexibility of saying everything from "Hell yeah, bro" to "You are one smart motherfucker" (Just like Denzel Washington often says in the film American Gangster). It can be used in almost any situation that involves one's friends or enemies.
"What the fuck do you mean you locked the keys in the car?"
"Don't worry, I have a spare pair in my pocket."
"My man!"

"There's no way you can prove I stole that woman's purse."
"We recorded a video of you doing it."
"My man."
by Rudy Schultz December 04, 2007
Man hyman or male, anal virginity.
During the camping trip Tony and I were forced to share a sleeping bag so I broke his myman.
by Falter Ego September 19, 2006
A man's hymen, referring to a man's anal virginity.
You better watch your mymen. My girlfriend really wants to peg you.
by The Chalange January 03, 2010
It relates to ones owner ship of a man human being which is quite impossible to achieve.
gus- my man better win
cody- who is your man
gus' my family friend
cody- he is not your man then he is a friend
gus- oh darn your right
by May 06, 2013
used by drug dealers in the 60's and 70's to determine loyalty or as a code word, as in American Gangster...
Eric: I got all that work in the carter ready to roll....
Jay: My man...
by FrankieMontana November 20, 2007
a phrase coined by a group of students visiting edinburgh, inspired by denzel washingtons character in American Gangster.

Can be used in most universal situations
"Hey, are you coming out tonight?
by theduckster January 29, 2009
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