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My Favorite Year is an amazing musical. Taking place in 1954, it discovers the passion and ambition of a young freshman writer on the famous television show, King Kaiser's Comedy Cavalcade. Benjy Stone struggles with love issues, a drunk actor (his childhood hero- Alan Swann), and a very unhappy boss. This show will have you laughing 'til you fall off your seat, and wipeing your tears. A passionate, heartfelt comedy, My Favorite Year is a great show, with fabulous music, and some incredible dance numbers. Great for Highschool Productions, or professional theatres! For other great highschool and/or professional musicals see also Footloose, Gypsy
"The door was closed and it stayed closed. Alan Swann never opened it, he walked through that door" <br>
"Wearing a DUCK?!?!?!?" <br>
"The duck says, 'Yeah, get this guy off my ass! <br>
"Or maybe I remember it EXACTLY THE WAY IT WAS!" <br>
"It would have to be one hell of a year, for some other year, to ever come near, that frantic, impossible, painfully near to me, year, My Favorite Year!"
by Katie March 20, 2006
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