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Sniffing ladies bicycle seats.
Morning Plunger, hot today isn't it. Great mutting weather.
by Mutter Number 1 January 17, 2007
An ancient art, only known to people who have mastered the art of dogging people out. It is an extreme act of hearing a story about someone, then twisting it so much its just a load of bullshit, but everyone still believes it. This can be used for good or bad, depending on the situation or the source of information known. There are a few creatures still on this earth which know the ancient art, and they have profound hearing, very sensitive smell and are able to transform from dog to human very fast.
Hey, look at that man hes mutting!

Did you hear about that guy called Hallett, he was just mutting about Ellen.

Wow, that story was crazy! I can hardly believe it was true! Oh wait that man must have been mutting!

What a mutt! He must have been mutting!
by Kevin Rudd123 August 21, 2011
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