rake yohn HATES mustard
listen to GnarKill's MUSTARD MAN song
by Kristina March 22, 2004
Mortal enemy of Rake Yohn.
Rake Yohn hates mustard so bad, if you even get it near him he'll flip out.
by FuCKYou November 12, 2003
A mixture of one's urine and feces.
Man, I'd like to eat her mustard.
#sexual condiments #breakfast in bed #coprophiliac's delight #lemonade #chocolate mousse
by footlicker March 26, 2011
it supposedly means you have a juicy dick.. and is most commonly held on a name that starts with an S or D. If you get your hands on one of those than be sure to get in their pants as soon as possible!
That sam he must have a Mustard
#juicy #hott #sexy #bed #cute
by justin.yomamma February 15, 2011
A school safe way of saying bastards. When in school, using mustards is a way to insult someone directly in front of authority with no fear of retaliation or punishment.
Those kids outside were being a bunch of mustards.
#bastard #jerk #asshole #douche #pussy
by Ashiewashie February 13, 2011
Something that makes you loose the game.
1: "Hey guess what?"
2: "What?"
1: "Mustard."
2: "Damn, I lost the game."
#game #the game #musterd #i lost the game #condiment
by MustardMakesYouLoseTheGame November 24, 2010
otherwise known as mus-tard. combination between muslim and tard. Derogatory term towards muslims, which is often used as a joke rather than a serious insult.
L: Stop being such a twat you mustard
H: runs away and cries or lols
#muslim #twat #jk #lol #bomb
by noodow4ever July 26, 2010
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