This is an alternative name for marijuana. It is often used at the office/workplace or in emails so that other words for pot need not be used.
"I wish I could have some mustard with my lunch today."

"I'll meet you for a beer, and maybe later we can have some mustard."
by Grommm February 27, 2010
Code word for a teacher who is really annoying, and sucks all the happiness out of an art lesson...An art teacher who promotes expressing urself, and then tells u it's wrong if u dnt do it her wayy...
overall annoying!
guy shouts: miss, can we have the music on

teacher: Yes sun flower, but we're listening to my choice and if any1 sings, dances or has fun in anyway, it's going right off

Girl 1 (walking to class): Oh no, we have Mustard next

Girl 2: Man, that sucks...the hour will just fly by, much 4 art beeing about self expression
by Olivia1011 August 02, 2009
when a guy with a short and thick cock (sausage-like penis) cums inside of a girl.
would you please mustard my hole?
by OokamiMariellaChan July 20, 2009
firstly, a hideous color and a food that some people like but most don't, and also can be referred to as a clan of so-called 'people' commonly referred to as bitches who become so obsessed and jealous of a person that they feel the need to insult everything about them when really, its THEM that have the disorder.
These 'girls' also suffer from a deficiency in their brains leading them to believe that wearing mustard coloured clothes Hmmmm, hopefully they will soon become as exstinct as the dodo so we don't have to suffer from their presence any longer.
"those mustards are such bitches"
A Muslim that is Autistic, and thinks hes so tough. Also, he is very into DBZ and thinks Muhammad Ali is god(because he's the only famous muslim)
Yo Aqeel is such a Mus-Tard, he thinks he's Goku
by AFISH February 20, 2009
Bold in the sense of bad. Edgy and difficult, bad. Used in Northern Ireland
That wee boy is just mustard.
by AidanG August 28, 2005
sweatchirt with a zipper... one day a man was walkiung down the street with the name of amir khan... and has msutard all over his sweat shirt from his sandiwich.. therefore now we call them mustards
look at that sick mustard.. its from ecko
by bob March 30, 2005

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