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A highly misunderstood religion that ill-informed people constantly make fun of.

Some of the nicest people I know are Muslims. They went to Africa for 2 years building houses for orphans, not bombing.

The Muslim 'terrorists' are twisted extremists, who twist the words of the Koran, their religion's holy book, to feed their own anger towards the world. This is a tiny fraction of the religion, and it is not fair to judge all of them by the actions of a select few extremists.

Whether you may accept it or not, every religion has its group of extremists. Hitler was raised Catholic. Does this mean that all Catholic men are going to pillage and burn millions of people? No. A Christian shot up a Unitarian Universalist church. Does this mean that all Christians are secretly planning to kill everyone who doesn't believe what they do? No. It doesn't.

And the phrase "All Muslims are not terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims," this is 50% untrue. All Muslims are not terrorists. Yes, there are certainly some Muslim extremists who should be punished for their hateful acts, but, again, not all Muslims are terrorists. Only the select few who ARE should be punished. And "All terrorists are Muslims?" Whatever uneducated person thought of this did not do their research. There are lots of religions that have their religious extremists that blow up or shoot up places.

Islam is the most prominent religion in the world, so it makes sense that Islam's extremists should be the most. Think.

Me: Just because some Muslims want violence, it doesn't mean all of them do. By you demanding death to some innocent people, aren't you just as bad? Yes, some are terrorists. But this amount is so small it's unreal. Their voices are just the loudest.

Ignorant person: Ooh. Ok.
by thinkaboutittt October 12, 2010
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Somebody who goes to live in other peoples countries but refuses to integrate with or tolerate their way of life. At the same time they demand we tolerate them and make all the changes to accomodate their stoneage way of life.

Not all muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are muslims.

Great Britain - Love it or leave it.
(parasite of a state)
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A form of lemming prone to spontaneous combustion.
Dude, did you see the crater that zany muslim left?
by TheSupremeBeing November 23, 2007
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The scum of the earth.

Muslims think it's okay to beat, rape and kill women. They also believe that if a woman in their family is raped, she should be murdered by stoning, stabbing, raging inferno or being buried alive, in order to preserve the "honor" of the family. Being raped is the woman's fault, because she sinned by not covering up her entire body and thus tempting men who have no self-control or just feel like getting his rocks off and using their stone age religion as an excuse to rape helpless women.

Muslims also believe that homosexuals should be mutilated, raped repeatedly and killed.

If you are not a Muslim and you are caught, you are either to convert to Islam or be beheaded.

One of the goals of Islam is world domination. Muslims are spreading like locusts to civilized countries and trying to enforce their religion's laws. Think I'm kidding? There is a growing village in Bradford, England that is controlled completely by muslims. Women who don't want to be in an arranged marriage with a man with several other wives are killed everyday. Since there are no guns in England, they usually execute them with machetes. Those are gigantic, heavy swords, for those of you who don't know.

All of this is in the Koran.

The threat of Islam is very real and unless we as Americans do something about this problem, they CAN and WILL take over this disgusting liberal America.
Muslims women in the middle east are raped on a daily basis and usually have to have abortions without anaesthesia. They die afterwards, but not until they deal with excruciating pain for several days. But it's what she deserves right? How dare she tempt muslim men by keeping her face uncovered in 110+ degree heat?

by dance179 September 19, 2008
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Contrary to popular belief not all Muslims are Terrorists..

...But all Terrorists are Muslims!
by Kimithylee dot com October 29, 2008
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Half of the population of Michigan state!
Dearborn = 100% Muslim city!
by Dan August 07, 2003
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Muslims are crazy haters, of Jews, of Christians and of Hindus and of everyone who is not a Muslim. Of course they deny that on TV but what when they march in the streets they show their true colors and hatred. And they get violent and destructive whenever they get a chance which is whenever they are in large groups.

Muslims say they stand for peace but their mostly invest their energies intimidating and killing people who do not agree with them and they are consistently seen marching in the street railing against freedom of speech, democracy and human rights of women.

Muslims like to make all sorts of false claims about scientific discoveries but what they don't tell you is that they stole the discoveries from Hindus, Christians, Jews or Persians . If they were so clever then why is the Middle East so backwards and poor and why have Muslims not invented anything in the past thousand years? And why do Muslims kill anyone who thinks for themselves? The reason is because Islam is anti science, they only want you to believe what the Koran says and if you say its not true then they go into a rage and try to kill you.
Muslim are not happy people. Muslims are extremely annoying cause they do nothing but lie and twist facts around to try to make Islam appear good and everything thing else seem bad, so its nearly impossible to have a decent conversation with a Muslim without getting exasperated by the insanity of what they are saying.
by Scholar of Islam October 03, 2006
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A follower of islam and a douche. Muslims are usually very nasty disgusting people who terrorize innocent people. Muslims have caused many problems in the world and use terrorism intead of political tactics. Muslim women are usually not bad and are forced to submit to the will of the man. A muslim finds satisfaction in converting people through uses of torture. A hindu person is totally different. They might appear to look alike but there is a major difference. Hindus are kind people while muslims are not. Muslims use jihad as an excuse for terrorism.
Muslims are such douchebags.
by nojoke August 29, 2007
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