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Coined by the infamous EDL yokel (English defence league), who made his debut with this word in a Press TV interview during a march in Oldham, sometime in march 2011... need I say more...
EDL yokel: "Them 'Muslamic Infidels' want the iraqi law in our country... them got 'Muslamic ray guns'!!!!

Press TV reporter: "............"
by Yamaha FZ8 April 10, 2011
The religion that uneducated cretins believe Muslims follow.
Like, ohmigod, I heard that Michael Jackson became Muslamic before he died! Also, I can see Russia from my porch.
by sheyrena April 06, 2011
When a Muslim women is angry, she lets out a blast of words that unleash an extremely powerful force not known to mankind. Can be applied to non-Muslim women, but is more suited for Muslim women to achieve the maximum double dose effect.
The combination of Muslim and Islam, the only way to truly know whatever you did was fuuuucked up.
My friend went all out Muslamic on me for giving her a phone that her service provider blocked for non-payment.
by ThecityneversleepEZ January 10, 2014
It is the combo of both words, Muslim & Islamic. Although different in spelling and definition, both Muslim and Islamic (Muslamic) are often used together in today's society.
Q: Is he a Muslim, or is he Islamic?
A: I think he is Muslamic.
by Trebuchet2009 November 11, 2009
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