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Update: it's now againsted the rules to flame idiot n00bs and make them never want to come back because it gets in the way of mx's homosexual dating site advertising.
Musicanforums used to be cool.
by rock not roll January 07, 2005

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mx 123 classic flame insult make a thread about it
:1Ol: :l0l;

A place of which "musicians" gather to not talk about music...
Musicianforums was the shit until about halfway through '04...
by markhendrix March 23, 2005
Musician Forums is a hatefilled lovefist of pain and emotion. Their is anger towards "nOObs" like no other forum in the world. Children have killed themselves after experiencing the "nOOb" syndrome associated with MX. Please use with caution.
Hey dude you wanna get on MX tonight?
Nah, I'd rather slit my wrist...
by Zakath December 03, 2004