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Musical adrenaline is music, or something that gives you such energy that it could be possibly reffered to as "musical orgasm" as defined on this site, but I would call it something that gives you such energy that you are led to start head-banging uncontrolably, and to do backflips and some major wailing on a guitar, or just bang on drums so that your emotion can be let out upon the world in such great extremes that you either break the drum set, or you start sweating so profusely that you pass out, and then wake up again and start doing it again because the music gives you so much musical adrenaline.
Person1: Damn, Jimmy had so much musical adrenaline he passed out last nigh.

Person2: Whoa, gimme a dose of that music he was listenin to.
by Nick November 01, 2004
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