Townie slang for one's friend, or associate.
"Alright, mush?"
by -Mikey G- February 12, 2003
when a person acts all goofy like goo-goo, cause they're in love then they are being a mush.
How in the world do i let my crushh know i care but not make myself look like a mush?
Help!!! I don't wanna be all goo-goo over him, cause he doesn't like it. But how can i make him understand?
by someone wondering April 06, 2006
A Yankee townie. A Boston-area/New England version of a redneck.
Can be used by mushes as a term of endearment, like "bro." Also known as a "divya," which is an expression used by mushes to mean "awesome." "Divya, mush!" means "Awesome, dude!"
Matt Damon's character in "Good Will Hunting" is a mush.
"What's up, mush?"
"Nuthin' much, Ralphie. Just drinkin' these Millahs."
"Divya, mush!"
by GullibleZine February 02, 2006
Face. Your Mush is your face or {grill}
"Retaliate like Bush!
Your gonna get whacked in, but right now just get a glock in your mush" - All In One of TWMP.
by SDZ June 16, 2004
MUSH stands for Mulit-User-Shared-Hallucination. It uses a very strange, psuedo-programming language, and is used by nerds to RP on regularly, often early into the morning.
Object created #31356: Homey
Jace's activities for the day: sex #-1 ARGUMENTS MUST BE POSITIVE INTEGERS, sleep 3, eat 6
by Bobman June 08, 2004
puppy shit
that kid looks like a pile of mush
by Anonymous February 05, 2003
Super handsome brown kid. Would love to cover him in whipped cream and lick him all over. Has the sexiest voice. and the most incredibly piercing eyes. In short, he's a stud. I want him to have my babies.
Mush is soooo damnnn hott!!!
by xoxooxo January 19, 2013
The act of getting baked then falling into a pit of absolute comfterableness and eventually drifting off into oblivion
"Dude i smoked so much Chron i fll back on my bed and mushed"
by AyDriUl October 14, 2011

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