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the act of swooshing around someone's balls in the your mouth after they dunked you in any sort of way. Which sounds like the murlocs from WoW (World of Warcraft),
Desly sure got around to murlocing a lot of black men last night. Gruurororulualo!
by Ashesxxx October 08, 2012
13 0
The act of cupping an individuals genitals in the palm of one's hand and proceeding to lap at them with your tongue while making a noise akin to that of a "Murloc" (A fictional amphibious creature from Blizzard's™ "World of Warcraft™"). The most accurate sound a human can make sounds a bit like "mlow mlow mlow mlow mlow!!!"
*lapping sounds*

"LOL, dude my girlfriend totally gave me a murlocing last night!"
by Dave & Luke December 01, 2006
12 6
The art of cupping someones balls, and gently making murloc noises with your face pressed up close.
"I was murlocing Dave last night when..."
by Chrisssssssssssssssss December 01, 2006
5 3