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Another name for Minneapolis. Coined by the media a few years back when Minneapolis' homicides were at an all-time high.
Murderapolis is full of gangsters, hustlers, dealers, and pimps.
by 612 Thug May 04, 2003
The nickname given to the city of Minneapolis Minnesota back in like 96 when there was this big ass crime wave sweepin the 612.

Cops eventually employed a whole buncha new gang units and shit to crack down on it and the city was relatively peaceful for a while.

But since 2005 crime rates in Minneapolis have been slowly climbing up higher and higher and police fear that Murder-Ap might be back...
Police fear that the days of Murderapolis might be comin back...
by Murder-Ap! September 15, 2006
What some Minnesotans call Minneapolis. Nickname originated in 90's when some areas of Minneapolis (Phillips Neighborhood etc.) had one of the highest number of homocides per square block in the US.
"Hey man, where are you from?"
"Murderapolis fool!"
by roseeey October 02, 2006