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Used to replace "Mobile Upload" with one easy word. Most commonly referred to when using Facebook's phone to internet picture uploading service.
"I just muploaded a picture of my car stuck in a snowbank."

"Look at me! I'm on a boat! I've gotta mupload this..."
by Rusty Fitz July 24, 2009
62 21
An abbreviation often referring to Facebook's uploading software found on smartphones. Self-obsessed Facebookers and J.A.P.py girls tend to love this function, as well as term.

Pictures can either be:
A) Hysterical: Large woman with a small shirt in public.
B) Whorish: Uploader sends mirror photo of him or herself before they go out partying.
C) Drunk: Blurry, out-of-focus photo that seems like a good idea when the Uploader is drunk. Often accompanied by a drunk caption.
*Wasted girls pose with boobs out, clutching BlackBerrys and holding red Solo cups*
Drunk AEPhi girl's caption: Outttt with maaaaa grilllssssss love yaaa phi baebzzzZ ,..<3
by ObserverOfGals January 20, 2011
56 21
A mupload is simply a "mobile upload" that you can put on the internet, most commonly Facebook or twitter. All cell phones that have access to the internet can make a mupload. Once you snap the picture on your cell phone, you are immediately given the option to upload your pic to the internet. Instead of saying "I just put a mobile upload pic of you on facebook" it can simply be stated, "I just muploaded a pic of you one facebook."
When my roommate fell out of her bedloft, I immediately whipped out my cell phone and took and picture and sent my mupload to Facebook.
by kcmg14 April 27, 2011
5 4
Used by the hipsters to replace "Mobile Upload" with one easy word. Usually referred to when using Blackberrys to upload pictures to facebook.
Kar: I just sent you those pics. You better mupload them now betch.. don't forget to tag me in them.
by footballgf! May 12, 2011
7 7
Mobile Upload (usually to Facebook)
Emma was bored at the Rihanna concert so she decided to mupload her pics instead.
by MistaL8NiteLuda June 30, 2011
1 2
When you take the stinkiest biggest shit of your life. Therefore it must be of a load
sarah took the biggest mupload ive ever seen
by Starhat June 27, 2011
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