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a school for the legit. most town are jealous because they have a good athletic team. lots of babes there too, but some cause too much drama. its easy to get f*cked there, especially your on the sports team. a lot of towns from the area look down on it because the kids supposedly acts snobby, but other towns are just mad they dont live in munster n munster kids are hostile to non residents hanging out in thier parks
Munster high school kid sees LC kid at white oak park

mhs: where are you from, i dont see you at school

lc: im from dyer

mhs: get the fuck outta my town! ( beats lc kid up)
by doctorlegit June 19, 2011
The high school for kids in Munster, Indiana. This school is full of rich snobby prudes that look down on anybody not from their town. If you don't drive a Mercedes, BMW, or Audi, (you know, German cars like the Nazi's) then it will be hard to be accepted here. If you do not live in a nice house that is either brand new or old but renovated to look wealthy, you will not be accepted here. If you don't shop at Orland Square instead of Southlake, you will not be accepted here. If you're not Asian, Indian, or White, you may not be accepted here. If you are not in 100% AP or Dual-credit courses, you may not be accepted. If you do not have the only aquatic center in any high school in the state, you will not be accepted here.
I am so fucking glad I moved to Dyer, Indiana and got to leave hell AKA known as Munster High School. People at Lake Central High School are so much more down to earth and MUCH less snobby.
by CamaroZL1 February 14, 2011
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