A very strange creature that originates in Korea. This creature sleeps for between 16 and 18 hours a day and has a very harsh and aggressive attitude towards anything that tries to wake it. Approach with caution. This creature looks similar to the combination of a Korean man and a gorrilla. Smokes a lot of marijuana and other plant substances that will alter the state of mind.
wow look out for that Munki, it looks angry
by wackytobacky69 February 08, 2010
Top Definition
A hat for one's posterior.
I seem to have a munki on me bum!
by PopnFresh October 14, 2004
Slightly Disturbed person who Lurks IRc Servers usually only typing to shout random cusswords and nonsense.
<@MuNkI> Whoda F*ck!!!
<anonymous> what?
<@MuNkI> Exactly
by imjustanonymous March 27, 2010
n: a very cool person, a frood. Also, a member of the band KoRn
Damn, I'm a munki!
by hanami September 08, 2003

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