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A dungeon found on the Moon. They are not very nice.
"Set waypoint 'Moon Dungeon'... mungeon. Sure, why not"
by Yognaught1662 February 11, 2014
The steep, cratershaped entrance of a dungeon on the surface of the moon. It is a portmanteau of the words "moon" and "dungeon".
It might be a tad reckless to go to the mungeon with nothing but a suit of golden armour, a wooden hoe, and a nearly broken solid gold sword.
by PeregrinLunes December 17, 2014
Absolutely ANYTHING describing or relating to a person which you don't like at any time.
Damnit! You're such a Mungeon!" "Hey Mungeon, can you pass the Booze over?
by ArcaneTheory May 26, 2010
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