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Not a regular chip, it's a Muncho.
It's a regular chip, not a Muncho!
by Krakky McKraken July 21, 2006
The greatest snack of all time when chillin' on the computer with nothing better to do besides blog and watch stupid youtube videos.
Person 1 - "I'm gonna pick up some munchos before I head home."
Person 2 - "It's gonna be a lazy weekend then, huh?"
Person 1- "Yupp"
by ClosetHippie January 29, 2011
A farmer or someone from an Irish agricultural background. Derived from the Irish term "Muintir na háite" which means locals.

Similarly there's "Munchies" which is the name given by Gaeltacht summer school students to the locals of the gaeltachts.
Look at those munchos in their sand boots and bootcut jeans.
by Shnoggie July 24, 2014

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