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A hockey term used to describe one who is a bender, plug, and cock sucker all in one...aslo know as a triple threat
Matthew a fucken Mumper, Ethan Pollock defines the word Mumper
by Nickandry November 13, 2010
Similar to a 'Dohdle', but generally reserved for small animals such as chinchillas, dogs and animated characters. Mumpers generally do not understand the circumstance in which they find themselves as they are so cute and helpless.

Can also be combined with 'Dohdle' to make 'Mumper-dohdle'.

Suffixes include, but are not limited to, "man", "woman", "dohdle", "bumper", "chumper", "trumpet", "face".
"Awww, look at her, she's such a wee mumper."
by Mr Pseudonym Anonymous July 18, 2009
Just like a jumper, yet slightly different.

Exclusively featured on
The mumper you are wearing isn't as good as the one I am wearing.
by Dan January 19, 2005
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