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A dick that is shaped like a muffin. Often it is caused by a genital wart that from a certain angle causes the dick to look like a muffin.
Dude I had crazy intercourse with this girl last night and now I have a muffindick" "Can I suck on your infected muffindick?" "No, you could get muffinlips
by DirtyDeed March 22, 2011
Someone who likes muff and dick; a bisexual.
Dude he is a total muffin dick!
by ClownPenisDotFart October 15, 2010
When you cock is shorter then it is longer and wide like a tuna can. The shape of the cock looks like a muffin has been glued on to where the penis would be. This is achieved by being overweight, obese, or born with it. Also see the word chode.
Chase says to his fellow brosefs, "Bros check out my huge muffin dick when I slammed it in the card door this morning!"
by thesatisfyer January 19, 2015

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