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A dick that is shaped like a muffin. Often it is caused by a genital wart that from a certain angle causes the dick to look like a muffin.
Dude I had crazy intercourse with this girl last night and now I have a muffindick" "Can I suck on your infected muffindick?" "No, you could get muffinlips
by DirtyDeed March 22, 2011
The throbbing, oversized lips of a STD infected mouth. Usually received from putting your mouth on a muffin dick or a vagina muffin (see my definitions for these). They hurt like a bitch and people won't understand what the fuck you're saying. Muffinlips cannot be cured.
"Hey dude I licked my girls vadge and now my lips hurt" "I can't understand you but fuck I think you have muffinlips."
by DirtyDeed June 07, 2011

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