N. the disgusting, bottom part of the muffin that, it would seem, was ignored in the delegation of yummy muffin ingredients like chocolate chips, blueberries, and nuts. They are most commonly discarded or left to rot on a lunch tray.
Stina Shall: Namie, why haven't you finished your muffin?
Lyme Ninja: Pft. I never eat the Muffinbutts.
by Stina Shall and the Lyme Ninja March 20, 2009
Top Definition
A girl wearing tight jeans that causes said girl's lower back fat/love handles to look as if it were a muffin top making her actual butt the base of the muffin.

Hot damn! Look at that muffin butt!
by passima December 30, 2008
An affectionate pet name.
"God damn it my girlfiend wont stop calling me muffinbutt!"
by Chrisge March 17, 2008
A girl who while sitting down is extremely hot, but when she stands up here ass is nasty huge like the top of a muffin.
What a dissapointment that bitch is a muffin butt
by Joe January 13, 2005

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