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A big fat, whore- usually seen wearing cowboy boys, chaps, and a cowboy hat. Muffalo cites completely ridiculous and often fictional instances of sexual encounters. Upon looking at the Muff, vicious and monstruous images of a Buffalo's coat are planted in the imagination of the viewer. Since one cannot live after an encounter with the Muffalo, graphic encounters have not yet been documented.
Foster got a blowjob from Muffalo.
by YourMother April 25, 2005
Any girl classified as a large or an extra large. e.g. a fat chick
Hey did you hook up with that Muffalo lastnight?

Let's go on a Muffalo hunt! (Cruise the bars for fat chicks)
by Zenasskickin August 25, 2005
More bush in the danger zone than on a whole buffalo. Shit.
That muffalo engulfed her belly button.

I had to bushwack that power triangle.

Fucking hell!
by big biff and the chubbs January 22, 2005
A buffalo with a huuuuuuge muff
On safari with my friends, Loz caught a glimps of an elderly muffalo
by DarkDestroyer January 04, 2005
When moose and buffalo mate, the offspring will either look like a buffalo or moose depending on the dominent species with one exception; the beard that you see on the moose is relocated to the rear end of the offspring thus they are called muffalo. (see also Moosin).
From back here, I'd say that animal looks like a muffalo.
But, don't shoot it - they'er out of season.
by Cliff Clavin - Cheers March 27, 2008
a buffalo size muffalo such as kevs mom shes good
kevs faulks mom has a muffalo
by +add+ December 01, 2004
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