a woman who loves licking out pussy, a lesbian or a dyke.
dude 1: damn homey shes fine, ima see if i can hook up wid DAT!
dude 2: no dogg, i heard she was a muff muncher
by Gerald Ferguson July 22, 2006
Top Definition
Commonly known as a lesbian, who eats muff.
''Mom, Dad, Im a muff muncher.''
''A what?''
''A lesbian''
by Jenny & Miranda & Holly & Lauren January 01, 2007
a person that likes to give oral sex to females.
'look at that muff muncher!!!'
by Emily Mae Gilmore November 21, 2006
a female who licks pussy
I licked her pussy so i am a muff muncher.
by Kiy August 31, 2007
a practitioner of cunnilingus
lesbians are nothing but a bunch of muffmunchers
by noway jose August 30, 2003
A person who enjoys eating out a hairy pussy.
I heard that guys a muff muncher. <I>Yea I can see the hair in his teeth from here.</I>
by SamtheGMR January 05, 2006
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