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A very bad curse word. Typically used by Guyanese and Trinidadian people.
me go kill yuh muddascunt!

Da muddascunt still de in here?
by cooliebai August 11, 2003
The gramatically 'correct' way of saying 'Mudda cunt' i.e. it's really supposed to be "Mudda's cunt" but for convenience the apostrophe is omitted.

Initially used as an even ruder, cruder and lewder way of insulting one (by insulting one's mother).
Probably derived from "yo mamma" jokes.
Considered VERY degrading.
But now it is used in common parlance very loosely i.e. appropriate for use in any and every sentence.
"Windale muddas cunt"

"Where is my muddas cunt pen?"

hits foot "OHhh muddas cunt!!!"

confused, frustrated "What the muddas cunt!?!?!??"

Synonym(s): Fuckness
by S-bella February 13, 2009
West Indian/Jamaican slang. Meaning the vaginal entrance of your mother.
Go back to ya muddascunt.
by Navigator February 11, 2004

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