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When a women gets so turned on her butt gets so excited, she secretes out her butt. It's a combination of poop and discharge out a woman's butt.
Graham ate a girl out and she was super turned on, therefore she mud puddled.
by colinJGR December 10, 2011
The mud puddle is like Dick Frost , but found in the tempuatures more sutible for a penis and feels most like a soggy vagina.
Yesterday afternoon i was driving to my friends house when i saw a pond, i immeditly stopped the car and grew instintly wood knowing a Mud Puddle would be near for fuckin
by Dike Mink April 08, 2008
a big black person.

also known as a melted chocolate ice cream cone.
dude look at that fat black chick!

woaaah! she is a mud puddle!
by bammm!105 May 13, 2011
A Dirty Waffle, Shitting on someones chest, but with diarrhea, and also stomping with a foot, not hitting with a tennis racket
mud puddle
by nate the snake August 27, 2012
A name for a female with an extremely loose vagina (derived from the fact that having sex with her would be equivalent to sex with a mud puddle).
"Damn that girl's lookin' good!"
"Don't bother bro. I hit it last week, she's a total mud puddle"
by Elderberry715 February 20, 2012