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Tripping extremely hard on LSD. Thoughts and senses amist. Could be scary or pleasant. Commonly used in the hippy culture.
Man, I was puddled during the second set of that Phish concert. I didn't recognize any of my friends and thought Jerry Garcia had risen from the dead and taken the stage.
by mcword October 21, 2006
Unintentional recipient of copious amounts of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide - 25
Woahhh! I've been puddled - I've only a three-foot square sight of focused vision - everything else is blurry... That "water" I felt land on my back and neck in the show earlier was obviously something far more potent.
by BlackHeart14 February 10, 2015
To have, after some sexual act, reduced one's partner to a state of passivity via an extraordinary orgasm.

When one is 'puddled', he/she is unable to move, speak or think coherently. They have, effectively, 'melted into a puddle'.
Girl 1: My gosh, he was so good, he totally puddled me.
Girl 2: I'm so jealous! I haven't been puddled in ages...

Guy: I'm going to absolutely puddle you.
Girl: YESSSS!!!
by kiwicheeky October 24, 2012
Being absolutely wasted. Drinking for keeps!!!
look at this guy right here stumbling around." "That guy is fucking puddled!" "Yeah he definitely knows how to party!
by J-Gutes February 19, 2011
to puddle,to wet oneself.
incontrolable bladder.
i laughed so hard, i puddled myself
by jennee d December 05, 2008
puddled - though more common words are used to describe the act of sex. this one raises an eyebrow or two. You may use this word when trying to confuse someone, or insult someone larger then you, for they may not know immediatly that you are deserving a beating.
1. I puddled your mom...
2. Allen, I puddled your mom.
3. guess what I did last night...I puddled your face.
by tequilaeric May 07, 2007
The act of being boring (much like a puddle , they are just there and boring).
I have never met such a puddled person. All you do all day is sit on the couch watching T.V. and eat.
by James Hickey24 May 17, 2007
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