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A small town in central illinois, with cornfields abundant. Population around 5000.
Hopefully leaving Mt. Zion, there is nothing to do here.
by kkkkkarlyk June 17, 2011
Mt. Zion is a town outside of Decatur, IL that has approx. 5000 people. The town is full of wealthy men, and women who do not have to work. The girls in the town are a bunch of stuck up, prissy, and "ask mommy and daddy for money" types of bitches. The only way you can get a Mt. Zion girl is if your parents have money and you have a 60,000 dollar vehicle. Everyone judges you in the town. Everyone looks at you weirdly. Don't live here if you can't stand rich people and little girls who think they are better than you.
Matt: Hey, this girl from Mt. Zion is hot! Do you think I have a chance?

Ryan: Do you have a brand new car?

Matt: No, its used.

Ryan: Do you have rich parents?

Matt: They aren't rich, but they get by..

Ryan: Then no. You have NO CHANCE AT ALL.
by Leonardo September 21, 2014

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