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The name Mr.O is short for Mr. Orangutan (full name: Buddha Orangutan). Mr.O is a short, stocky and lovable orangutan who lives part time in both Seattle and Borneo with this chimapanzee wife and their 15 + children. He is always working multiple jobs and doing rather poorly at them. He's usually in a fowl mood and pretty grumpy but at the end of the day- you've gotta love him.
Mr.O is complaining about having a husky frame.

Mr.O is strangling his son (who is also his boss) for not giving him the holidays off.

Christmas Eve is Mr.O's birthday.
by JEYRE November 10, 2009
"Mro" is an expression of lamentation, sympathy, awkwardness, or disappointment.

It functions in much the same way as "huh" or "hmm" (which mean, approximately, "I'm confused" and "I'm thinking, let's see," respectively). See examples.
Example 1.
Friend 1: Yeah, so Mr. Smith says I can't turn in those late homework assignments for credit anymore. So I'm gonna fail the class.
Friend 2: Mro. :-S

Example 2.
Friend 1: I came home early yesterday and the first thing I heard was my parents having sex.
Friend 2: Mro. :-S

Example 3.
Friend 1: John, what's that smell?
John: Um, I think it's that cheese I forgot to put away.
Friend 1: That's disgusting.
Friend 2: Mro. :-S
by amakhar April 04, 2011
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