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a really potent strain of marijuana.
Jeff brought Mr. Nice Guy to the party and we got sooooo stoooooned!
by grover17 April 05, 2007
Mr. Nice Guy, Is a way to describe the certain situation -Where your dick is not HARD, nor Soft.... Meaning there's enough blood pumped in it to give it some respected amounts of girth and heftiness, and a very nice banana shape... And, there's not enough blood to make it erect and create some discomfort in public nudity places(i.e Public showers, Schools gym shower, Sauna...).
All this makes a perfect situation for walking proudly among other fellow men which do not or are not currently having this phenomenon.
Public showers are a great place to have a "Mr. Nice Guy", because you walk proudly among other shrinked and springie looking dicks...
Also a great time for it, is when you show him to a lady, So she can fully appreciate the shape and size of the tool.
Guy A, *Walks into the showers in his health club... While having a "Mr. Nice Guy"...*

Guy B Through F, Look(or rather glance, to not seem homo/gay) with awe and respect to Guy A's penis to see the marvel that walks among them...

***Needless to say -Guy A walks tall and proud of the 7th wonder of the world hanging astonishingly from his lower body...
by Igneshto November 11, 2009
carries your bags across the street for you after buying food. Beware of bums they impersonate Mr.Niceguy and then want your money or food. He will not suck your dick hes not that nice.
No more Mr.Niceguy! - alice cooper
by Caleb Scott August 13, 2007
A dildo, vibrator or other masturbatory tool a woman uses while spelunking.
She goes to the market to get some things she needs: cigarettes, some chardonnay, and a ten-pack of C's for Mr. Nice Guy.
by EmJayH June 18, 2008
Two in the poo and One in the Goo. An opposite of the shocker.
She was bored with the shocker so I stepped it up and gave her the Mr. Nice Guy. She didn't think it was so nice!
by Berg121 April 28, 2008
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