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A person who is addicted to cuddling, hugging, and other physical friendly contact.
Mr. Cuddles hugged 50 people today! Ho shiz what a freak man!!
by yo August 05, 2006
A name you call someone that pops pills way too much.

He also goes to his girlfriends house knowing her mom wont be home for 4 hours and does nothing but sit with the girl until 20 minutes before he leaves.
the last 20 is set aside for a makeout session

someone that is too afraid to do stuff with a girl
Mitch: "So i walked in and Mr. Cuddles was twitching on the bed"

Unknown: "Im going to fuck Mr. Cuddles' girlfriend tomorrow morning"

Brett: "hey Cuddles"
by kwoodslowroll October 20, 2005
Mr Cuddles is the the pet frog of Evie from the cartoon Mike the Knight.
Mr Cuddles can usually predict when things are going to go wrong - which is most of the time when Evie's magic is involved!
by Mike the Knight Toys November 03, 2011
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