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Pot and OxyCotin usually used to have a good time
Dude! Yesterday I was completely hyped up after smoking some dankie potton! It was way rector, man!
by Isabella Franken July 25, 2005
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An eccentric personality, frequently utilizes pornography as a tea substitute. Often found playing with musical organs and less frequently with own (male) organs. Occasionally has personal hygiene problems.
Look at that smelly man in the corner with his glasses stuck to his smart phone grunting with pleasure, he looks like a complete Potton.
by Greengrass November 12, 2012
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The articles of clothing and attire one wears during cold weather in order to keep warm (i.e. jacket, scarves, gloves, etc.).

Eliminates the need to list each cold-weather clothing item.

Word Origin: the act of putting on extra clothes, or extra cotton: potton
"Let's get ready to go, get your potton!"

"It's snowing outside so we better potton up."
by Angelsnake February 23, 2010
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a small villiage full of pikey scum
1.DON'T go to potton its full of fuckin pikey scum

2.Don't insult me, you live in Potton!
by Evil1 November 03, 2004
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