Baseball Pitch: A curve or sinker with a lot of movement.
After a wicked curve where the batter whiffs: "He gave him a little Mr. Hanky."
by isoprene butadiene methylprope October 14, 2011
Top Definition
The Christmas poo from Southpark.
It's Mr. Hanky the Christmas poo!
by Forum_4ever June 24, 2005
a peice of living shit on south park who comes if u eat lots of fibers on christmas eve and he lives in a sewer and if u eat weird healthy food it makes his enviroment(sewer) bad and he could die if he doesnt eat chefs chocolate salty balls
i ate lots of fiber and took at shit on christmas ever and saw mr hanky but my sister flushed him. wat a n00bcaek
by sporkness April 14, 2007
Mr.Hanky (The Christmas Poo) Originates on South Park, he is a talking piece of poo that appears on Christmas if you eat fiber on christmas eve.
Mr.Hanky the Christmas Poo, small and brown he comes from you
by Datahax December 06, 2004
that tird from south park
Mr. Hanky is a tird! you should worship him.
by jingy93 January 18, 2007
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