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Term used only to address the most Badass cool people of life. If someone is a mister Gibbons then you better love them cuz everyone else already does!
"Mr. Gibbons!"

"I love Mr. Gibbons"

-Oh how I wish I could be like that Mr. Gibbons
>Look at him dunk that 720° Windmill
-Holy shyt!

by Mr. Gibbons February 23, 2008
my maths teahcer last year *sighs* i love him and always will. He enjoyed putting on nail varnish and stroking someones hair and being a general perv! Oh how he wont be missed! *sighs again*
* Mr Gibbons in a high pitched voice* BEEEEP! (cant put her name in!) how was yor holiday? can i stroke your hair now?
by HannahDudey! November 14, 2006
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